The IELTS scam keeps Europeans out of Canada

di Joe Volpe del 5 November 2019

TORONTO - French language tv network, TVA, cites unnamed sources within the Prime Minister’s O#ce (PMO) as being dysfunctional, direction-deprived, so to speak.

The Author, a Mario Dumont, a former party leader and MLA in the Quebec Legislature, is not a Liberal.

His observations and condemnation of Katie Telford, the Chief of staff, came on the heels of the appointment of the Honourable Anne McLennan and Ambassador Lucie Hudon as advisors in the transition period to help the Prime Minister reconstruct his Cabinet.

Dumont appears to suggest that the PM’s trouble go deeper than the “face-lift” the appointment of the two power women may provide.

Dumont’s not so subtle message is simple: cosmetic changes will not save you if you cannot be sure of your own o#ce. He’s offering free advice. The issues that dominated pre-electoral period will re-surface with a vengeance.

One need only reflect on the $200 million tab that Premier Ford was claiming for Refugee accommodation to appreciate what is coming.

It’s not about “separatism” but about which jurisdiction will set longterm, labour market, demographic policies for the country – who is allowed to come here, under what circumstances.

The lobbying so far is taking place behind the scenes with the Minister for Immigration playing the role of puppet to organizations and individuals who feast on the business of steering the country’s immigration policies for their own purposes. And it all seems legitimate.

Take for instance the concept of requiring potential immigrants to submit to a language test, and scoring the required total, as a precondition for entry into our country.

The theory is that someone who comes to the country with acceptable levels of English skills in writing, reading, speaking and listening can be more quickly integrated, find a job more easily or be allowed into an institution of learning more readily.

This concept has spawned a world-wide testing process that in 2017 generated 3,000,000 test occurrences at $319 each for a total of $957,000,000. Is it a big deal in Canada?

Well, in 2016 there were 48 test centres in the country; by 2019, the number has grown to 70. As one wag put it, they are growing like mushrooms in damp dark places.

One wonders how Canada managed to integrate the millions of post World War II immigrants who were ill equipped financially and linguistically but enriched the country and their families in the process.

The company responsible for this "academic bonanza" is a British-Australian organization, IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

It claims that 10,000 companies and organizations in the English-speaking world accept the veracity of its product. Maybe.

One thing seems certain: a collateral "education industry" has developed to prepare for the IELTS, to do remedial work in the all too frequent events of failure and, not surprisingly, in the business of producing both false results and false certification.

The websites of the perpetrators populate the internet and are brazen in their claims.

Victims pay between $15,000 and $40,000 for such guaranteed certification. Permanent Residency in Canada is virtually guaranteed. So is a Work Permit.

Two pre-election investigative articles in the Globe and Mail and the National Post noted that, in some parts of the world, this has resulted in another business, virtual indentured labour - modern day slavery - to feed Canada’s labour shortage.

It used to be that Churches, families and employers could sponsor potential immigrants, guarantee a job and help with integration. But now Ahmed Hussen’s Immigration Canada knows better.

Even the educational institutions of higher learning churn out acceptance letters and set up an industry for validation of courses studied. Why not? it guarantees $40,000 to $50,000 per student per year.

There were approximately 250,000 such Visa students last year.

Should one blame the construction industry, the renovation industry, the restaurant industry, the hotel industry, the agricultural industry for the hiring of "undocumented workers”?

According to government estimates, there are over 1,000,000 of them at the mercy of their employees and the Law. What a travesty.

Why is Ahmed Hussen still Minister of Immigration? Like the post secondary education institutions, he apparently has friends in the PMO.

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