The charade of “hit and miss” federal election non-debates

di Joe Volpe del September 27, 2019

TORONTO - Two weeks gone and the Canadian public is no further ahead in discerning tangible differences among the contending parties and their leaders. The pollsters are not much help, inasmuch as they are focused on the “horserace” – who is leading, when.

Several things are clear. First, the Liberal leader has a record in office which he can present as a rationale for a vote of confidence; the Conservative leader, as the other leaders will have to offer a plan that makes more sense or has greater appeal.

Second, Party campaign strategist have decided that throwing mud at the opponent produces more immediate and better results. They massage, “twist” or fabricate phoney issues (fake news) which are designed to cripple leaders and spokespeople but do virtually nothing to advance the debate on what is most desirable, what is realistically achievable and how that will make Canadians better o in all aspects of the word.

Third, so far, only one party has come forward with what appears to be a new vision for a federal state; and it may open up a pandora’s box of side issues. Fourth, the issue of “identity politics” is now front and central, but the mainstream press and media seem woefully defi cient or disinterested in generating any in-depth discussions. Just as an example, our editor in chief has been researching and presenting a demographic description of constituencies specific to the Italian-Canadian community. The numbers are surprising, even to us. Yet not one single candidate has addressed issues with which that community can identify.

We have begun to reach out to leadership camps to invite leaders to our online TV for in-depth one on one interviews, they will appear the next day on our social media and print editions. Corriere’s combined social media and hardcopy readership is inching toward 3 million annually.

As well, the possibility of a leaders’ debate on issues relevant to the 7.2 million Allophones, hosted by the National Ethnic Press and Media Council, is being proposed to all Parties. We will keep our readers posted.

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