TCDSB, thin edge of the wedge

di Joe Volpe del 26 November 2020
TORONTO - The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is the proverbial “thin edge of the wedge” in Education politics in Ontario. As it goes, so will the other Catholic boards – English or French – in Ontario. This is not alarmism at its worst. One need only look at the signals coming from circles of intolerance of all things Catholic.
The recent barrage of criticism (couched as indignities against Human Rights, levelled first against one trustee, then against the Cardinal, then against all other trustees, and finally against any and everyone who espouses Catholicism) is merely the latest manifestation of an antipathy that goes back decades.
Some of our readers may even remember when application forms for jobs in the public, as well as private, sector demanded to know your religious affiliation as a precondition of hiring.
The “Orange Order” and the descendants of the protestant organization used to run the city. Now …it is not Catholics – and it does not need to be.
However, for historical, cultural, and religious reasons they negotiated authorities in the Constitution Act of 1867 that guarantees them this enclave of continuity in the Education Act and the rights for Boards of Education that flow from both. Along with those is the authority in Canon Law that vests the interpretation of Catholicity with the local Bishop (here in Toronto, Cardinal Collins).
Local trustees essentially serve at his pleasure because they are the instruments of his religious mandate. They are not even eligible for democratically elected processes in the Catholic system if they cannot abide by its religious imperative. Sources of funding has nothing to do with it.
One would think that the trustees at the TCDSB would appreciate these elementary concepts as they caucus to select the TCDSB’s leadership for the coming year. It is an improbable expectation. Wednesday they finally agreed to close down one of their schools, St. Fidelis, after the Public Health Department shut down eleven classrooms in the school because Covid-19 had gotten out of hand.
Trustees cannot even handle the physical and mental health issues and the safety of our children, let alone the spiritual and moral context of our children’s upbringing. Their Teachers’ Union, so busy playing rainbow politics, still found time to urge the cabal of trustees to pay attention. They demanded that the cabal, which spends 100% of their time deliberating the value of gender ideology, shut down the system since 127 of their schools were dealing with contagion. It is unlikely.
The leader of the cabal, Maria Rizzo, is trying to fight off a presentation of what is purported to be evidence of fraud (electoral and material). That “presentation is under investigation. It is not yet tested in Court. Rizzo has not responded to email requests for response. Her stand-in, Markus De Domenico, wants to be Vice Chair. His view of Catholicism includes belittling the Gospel message, ridiculing those whose views coincide with the Cardinal’s, issuing threats of legal action against parent/electors, and generally using misogynistic language towards concerned mothers.
He may be supported by Norman Di Pasquale who views the Catechism as being riddled with “dangerous” and “inappropriate” language; or by Ida Li Preti who claims that the board is rife with “systemic homophobia”. Virtually anyone else is an improvement over these charter members of the Hall of Shame.


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