St. Mike’s Board and Principal dig in

di Joe Volpe del 22 November 2018

TORONTO - “It’s difficult to understand what the end game is at St. Michael’s. Unless “it’s all about the money”, as some suggest. But I doubt that.

Still there is no shortage of Alumni making themselves available for media interviews, whether radio, tv or press. We have invited the Principal, Greg Reeves, to our studios for an interview - twice – to no avail.

One must infer that they are in “damage control”, but, digging in and avoiding media belies their commitment “transparency”.

Moreover, they are missing the opportunity to speak directly to the 100 Italian families whose sons and grandsons trek to SMCS from Vaughan, by special bus every day.

For those who have been keeping track, that is almost the equivalent of 10% of their student population.

At Tuesday’s Alumni meeting (estimated attendance between 200 and 300), several attendees, who spoke on condition of anonymity, recounted the sadness expressed by their colleagues that this scandal is besmirching their valued tradition.

It is not something that they can influence. Although apparently some did try.

There were calls for the resignation of the Principal and the President of the Board. But there were just as many expressions of support for both. Go figure.

One alumni, in a CBC radio, Wednesday morning, didn’t think that a culture change would be possible without the leadership at the school being held accountable.

Stop this nonsense of repeating “I was intending to call the police” that the principal keeps repeating, he said. But the Board apparently voted confidence in him and the faculty. One attendee apparently stood up to recount his own traumatic experience, even indicating that the o.ender, a staff member was in the crowd.

Several parents (fathers) “just reamed the coaches and the principal”, said another. In the end, not much was accomplished.

Parents who alluded to a loss in enrolment left with the impression that it was not much of a concern. “Even the victims are returning”, was the impression one parent was given, shaking his head in bewilderment.

It was a meeting that needed to be held, even if the only outcome was to hear that the Board was hanging tough and sticking to its guns.

“How will change at the school with this mentality”, said another. I used to be proud to be associated with this place. What do I say now?”

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