Rosemarie Bryan, another
victim of wokism

di corriere canadese del 28 June 2022

TORONTO - In a way, the case of Rosemarie Bryan should concern us all. She was, maybe still is, a Salvation Army community and family service manager.

She had accepted the challenge of putting her name forward to replace, temporarily, the outgoing councillor Michael Ford, now MPP and Cabinet Minister.

There is a process that aspirants must undergo that involves some scrutiny before Council votes to accept or reject any applicant. Council decided to accept her, in part because the former Councillor recommended as much. And in part because Council was satisfied that “her credentials were bona fide”.

Not anymore. Within 48 hours, that same City Council, led by our pristine pure Mayor Tory, who worked full time on the Rogers’ Board while drawing a salary from Toronto Taxpayers, were quick to condemn her for her unacceptable Facebook posts regarding one of her former superiors/supervisors/colleagues among others.

We tried to ascertain what the online statements were. Among what resulted from enquires was an email thread of a site “the Data Lounge”.
If they are reliable and judging by the contents, the offending statements were posted in 2010 – or earlier. Noone at the Corriere condones the posts attributed to her.

That said, her accusers (foul mouthed misogynists) or “offended parties” took pains to study how to strip her of her job. They were meticulous in their planning… careful to safeguard their identity, and patient, or so it seems. Increasingly, it has the appearance of a tried-and-true modus operandi, of detractors who target the Corriere as well.

Now, in June 2022, under the cover of anonymity, the issue “exploded” onto City Council. Rosemarie Bryan is a mature adult. She decided to withdraw from her post. She is an adult woman who makes her own decisions. What will the Salvation Army feel compelled to do?

The cancel culture Inquisition notched another victim. Ironically, If Ms. Bryan were to place her name on the ballot and win in October, her hyena-type Councillors and finger pointers will have nothing to say. By the way, Ms. Bryan is a person of colour working in a marginalized community.

Wokists would appear to be motivated by a higher purpose.

In the pics (Facebook / Twitter), two of the posts (click to enlarge them) and Rosemarie Bryan

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