Pompous and ineligible as Catholic Trustee M de D attempts to ride Minister Lecce

di Joe Volpe del November 3, 2020

TORONTO - Markus de Domenico seems desperate to become the next Chair of the TCDSB, “by hook of by crook”, as the saying goes. No creed, no individual, no rules stand in his way – “a user” in all the negative connotations of the word. You talk to him at your own risk.
Stephen Lecce, the Minister of Education is just finding out. He is being drawn into a “trumped-up virtue signalling exercise” so that Markus can eliminate any competitors along his own career path.
Within minutes of whispering in the Minister’s ear that he agreed with former Premier Wynne’s “drive by smears” in the Legislature against one of his fellow trustees (Michael Del Grande), he tweeted that he intended to move a Motion at the next meeting of the Board to make public an investigator’s opinion on the merits of Del Grande’s outbursts on an issue - one year ago.
Only that one mind you. Not any of the other 20+ investigations launched as a result of trustees’ complaints against each other, or by the public against them – including two by mothers who had been denigrated and publicly humiliated by the grand master Markus de Domenico’s scorn and contempt. He did not like their Catholicity.
Corriere has been present at virtually all meetings of the Board, in person or virtually, for the better part of four years, including those covering the snivelling by Markus and his new-found allies in the LGBTQ2+. They are the ever-intolerant radicals whose contempt for due process or other people’s views ends only “when the get their way”. Trustee Rizzo acts as their godmother.
De Domenico did not say that his Motion would cover the expenses incurred by the Board in legal fees submitted by their own legal Counsel, by Borden Ladner Gervais and by Rubin Thomlinson along with other associated costs incurred by senior staff because this buffoon and Rizzo refuse to focus on their mandate.
Understand that the statements are there for the world to read or review because they were expressed in a public meeting. Also, the Board deliberated on the merits and thoroughness of the legal opinion – and it was only that (an opinion) – and decided, in an open vote, to move on.
Somehow snivellers who hold convicted creator, counsellor to and purveyor of child pornography – former Deputy Minister of Education and special advisor to Kathleen Wynne – as their “mentor” were given “fuel” by Markus and Rizzo to try and reopen the issue. It is not for the good of Catholic education or for the corporate interests of the TCDSB.
The Board has, so far, registered some three thousand fewer students than it had last year (online and in-person participants). Thirty-five (35) administrators have gone on stress leave. Teachers are refusing to wear masks; at least one school has been forced to shut down once and maybe a second time soon. The Board has trouble recruiting qualified personnel; student in class composition undulates like waves on a lake on a daily basis, while (here’s a priceless factoid) administrators lay claim to bonus payments for having had to “prepare for Covid-19 educational milieu”.
Rizzo, De Domenico, and their clan of malice- induced cohorts plot on how to destroy the reputation of one colleague – and that of the Board as a whole – with childish smear campaigns.
Lecce has a different problem. Initially, he chose not to fall into the Constitutional quicksand that Wynne’s temper tantrum invited him to take. She never had any use for Catholic schools; maybe Lecce’s government does not either.
Markus, like Wynne, is encouraging him to engage in a strong-arm tactic welcomed by Wynne. Were he to comply, the Constitutional questions ensuing might prove unpropitious for our political climate.
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