Political Doctrine of Downtown progressives: “Up your nose with a rubber hose”

di Joe Volpe del May 26, 2020

TORONTO - Graduates from Trinity -Bellwoods School of Social Responsibility and Common Sense (TBSSCS) are no doubt celebrating their graduation with the Doctorate of Imbecility Saturday at their outdoor ceremony.

They were not alone, unfortunately. There were others exhibiting varying degrees of nervous indi—erence to the inherent dangers of breaching the social distancing protocols, in many areas of the GTA.

“We’re sooo over Covid-19”, they could be overheard shouting gayly between drinks and public urination. Good for them. They could be right. For all our sakes, we should wish all safety and good health. After all, if what the scientist have been telling us is true, Covid-19 is an extremely aggressive virus - at least in its ability to spread.

That is why federal, provincial and municipal authorities have risked personal opprobrium, collective economic collapse and curtailment of personal freedoms in presenting guidelines, by-laws and emergency orders in order to contain its ravages.

But if you have a degree from that venerable institute TBSSCS, you know better. The Corriere Canadese is not as “gifted”, so it has tracked daily the numbers of infected, those resolved, those still active and those for whom there is no tomorrow. As the saying goes, “you can take horse (or is that donkeys?) to water but you cannot make them drink”.

Take pity on political leaders like Premier Ford or Mayor Tory who are clearly frustrated (aren’t we all?) for di—erent reasons elaborated in other articles in this edition. They are in the midst of testing (cannot seem to get the local health authorities to meet targets) or keeping a lid on free and irresponsible movement. The TBSSCS knows better… “we’re soooo over Covid-19”.

Notwithstanding the pollsters, who tells us Covid-19 has been like manna from heaven for leaders whose popularity had visited the depths of public disdain a few weeks ago, the political fortunes of such representatives will depend on how well they can keep residents from “yahooville” on the same timetable and agenda as the rest of us.

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