Pizza Nova raises over $135k for Variety Village

di Joe Volpe del May 22, 2019

TORONTO - There are in excess of 86,000 not-for-profit (some with tax-exempt charitable status) available to our communities for services to individuals and families.

Many of them are dedicate to specific needs manifested by individuals who might otherwise be left outside the realm of the “one size fits all programs”.

Companies like Pizza Nova, its Founder, Sam Primucci, president Domenic Primucci and their families, are approached frequently (sometimes insistently) for contributions. It’s a delicate balance to weigh available proceeds to qualified donees.

And, it requires an internal bureaucracy to match requests with best outcomes.

Nonetheless, the effort and expense are well worth it, says Domenic Primucci, the President of Pizza Nova, “giving back to the community is part of the DNA of Pizza Nova”.

“Community is a core value that we live every day. We are thankful that the community supports us so strongly and we believe strongly in giving back”.

Several years ago, his father, Sam Primucci, looked for a community-based organization whose business ethic and community service would maximize the contributions of corporate citizens like Pizza Nova.

Sam Primucci found that Variety Village - a dedicated community delivering gym, swim, leadership with needs-driven programming – was just what he wanted to support.

Every year, for the last 20 years, Pizza Nova has dedicated a day, “That’s Amore Pizza for Kids” day when it o©ers a particular product at a sale price (this year it was medium-sized pepperoni pizza for $4.39) from which it donated a $1 per acquisition to the Variety Village.

This year, the proceeds netted $135,286.00, bringing the total raised by Pizza Nova for this purpose since its inception to $1.6 million, said Domenic, who along with his father, Sam presented the cheque for this year’s total to the Variety Village on May 16,2019.
“We have always been proud to associate Pizza Nova with Variety Village, added Sam Primucci.

It is an organization whose programs enrich the lives of thousands of children living with physical and mental disabilities in an environment that is accessible and where everyone is equal and welcome.”

Financial Statements available on the Variety Village website suggest that Pizza Nova is not only the largest single donor, but it also the most efficient in terms of revenue to expenses for the organization’s fundraising efforts.

Only 1.5% of the revenue stream generated by the Pizza Nova donation was expensed for fundraising in 2017.

All Pizza Nova locations participated in the drive for the event day
on May 14th. Domenic Primucci expressed satisfaction that every franchisee expressed delight in the outcome.

“They and we, want to make a di©erence in any child’s life, even more so in that of those who don’t share our advantages”, he added, so it is equally important that we generated public awareness of communities coming together for that purpose.”

In addition to the financial contribution, the company has generated over $2 million in Media awareness for the work that Variety Village does.

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