Ontario Liberal leadership, Coteau challenges Mitzie Hunter

di Joe Volpe del 20 November 2019

TORONTO - Politics is a brutal business. I tip my hat to everyone who enters the fray and places a target on his or her back just to serve the public.

Think back two years when the Premier of Ontario was a certain Kathleen Wynne, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. She and it are no more. To be exact, she is still an MPP and the Party has four other MPPs in the Legislature. One of them serves as the interim leader with no desire to become the leader.

If you, as reader, are one of the few people who know what that party stands for, or believes in, please write us a letter or send us an e-mail. Provided you don’t limit yourself to saying that you aren’t and don’t want to be Doug Ford.

Two MPPs, Mitzi Hunter and Michael Coteau are beating the bushes in an effort to generate excitement and a following as they build a team to take on the incumbent government. They will have to cut through an enveloping cloud of public cynicism first.

Former Minister Coteau, made a brief presentation to an editorial board comprising some thirty ethnic language publications on Monday. He is a genial enough individual and it should have been an easy sell. They gave give time and attention.

Perhaps his task is made deceptively easy because people [still] genuinely dislike Ford and distrust him. Also, as one observer pointed out – unfairly, from my vantage point - does Ontario’s NDP seems leaderless.

Mr. Coteau may yet emerge victorious in the leadership race. His task will be to win over Ontario’s citizens to his Party by outlining a clear vision of the future, the steps he hopes to take in order to bring Ontario to a better place and honing a concise message clearly and succinctly that will convince people to help him pole vault over the NDP and into the Premier’s office.

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