Minister Stephen Lecce takes control of the TCDSB 

di Joe Volpe del 6 November 2020

TORONTO - Minister Stephen Lecce now has now effectively placed the TCDSB under supervision – his own. It is not an “official” declaration. It is the outcome of his public threats to the Board that if they did not release a confidential report (one of several) on alleged infractions of the Trustee Code of Conduct related to accusations of “hate speech” against a trustee, in public debate, on the matter of gender identity and gender expression.
The Board had deliberated and found that in this instance there was none. Had there been, enforcement authorities (among them the Police, the Human Rights Tribunal) might have felt compelled to press charges. They did not. That was not enough for the LBGQT2+ lobby, probably the most intolerant organization around, judging by their “our way of no way” approach to dialogue.
The complainants - we know two of them, Kyle Iannuzzi and Paolo De Buono - because they called for a public release of the report. They did so in apparent breach of the confidentiality provisions under which they provided input to the legal firm retained to investigate. We will know the names of any other complainants once the report is released. And, it will be released.
The TCDSB “pulled an all nighter” to approve that the report, which was/is still in Private session of the Board, be moved to public, therefore, available to our readers. In response to a phone request for elaboration, the Chair of the Board, Joe Martino, clarified that the report would in fact be released, but for now, only to (1) the three complainants, once they sign a non disclosure confidentiality agreement and, (2) the Minister.
Furthermore, a special meeting of the Board is being organized for next Wednesday to deal further with the item. It will be placed on the Agenda but will require a two thirds majority to be debated. Mr. Martino declined to make a copy available, at this time.
In a highly unusual development, the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, perhaps smarting from the reproach of LGBQT2+ activist, MPP Kathleen Wynne, was widely reported to have demanded its release. He did not immediately reply to email requests by the Corriere for a copy.
The Catholic community has begun to rally to around trustee Del Grande in defense of the Catholic ethic facing a constant barrage by the gang of four trustee arbiters of “Catholicity” (De Domenico, Di Pasquale, Li Preti and Rizzo) to whom radical activist gadflies with their counter-culture Catholicism gravitated.
Meanwhile, the health, safety, and educational needs of our children, as documented in our pages by Mariella Policheni, take second or third place. And now, thanks to the Cardinal’s silence and the Minister’s haughty demeanour, we may be facing a Constitutional crisis.

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