Justin Trudeau: Time for Spring Garden Clean-up

di Joe Volpe del April 10, 2019

TORONTO - Leaders are really only as good as the “advisors” they attract. Those counsellors or “mechanics”, operatives, by their nature come with a “best before date”.

Kathleen Wynne kept hers around excessively long. In the end, just before the barbarians stormed the gate, members of her inner circle somehow discovered that they were indispensable and gave themselves an obscene raise, according to Ontario’s Sunshine List.

Like desiccated branches and strangulating weeds, they should have been pruned or eradicated before the entire party apparatus they weakened collapsed around them…and the Leader.

Trudeau’s itinerary of the last several days suggest that his gardeners are unfamiliar with either the terrain, so to speak, or how to “till” it.

Friday, for example, they thought it would be a great idea to fly the Prime Minister from Atlantic Canada, take him in a cavalcade of – count them – eight SUVs (tinted windows) and one lead limo to a Scarborough site for an “affordable housing” announcement. Someone forgot to check whether the parking lot disguised as a highway could get him there on time.

Apparently, punctuality was not a great concern. The “tour director” also forgot to double check for potential unpleasant demonstrations and to make provisions accordingly.

Trudeau was drowned out by megaphone competitions and by people more concerned with SNC Lavalin, Jody Reybauld and Jane Philpott issues. Go figure.

Back in the cavalcade, they discovered that the 401 was just as pitiless and unforgiving westbound as it had been eastbound. A strained Trudeau will not have been happy or ready for his next event, or destination.

The location was a restaurant, located in an industrial area, where the Party and Minister Hussen, the MP for the area, were to host a function. By the purest of coincidences, I had been invited to a late lunch at the same location. The place was soon swarming with security detail and a couple of sniffer dogs.

The “advance team” must have been ensconced elsewhere. Out of courtesy, and in deference to my luncheon companion, I sought them out to ask if we could greet the PM.

Having received a brusque lesson in Scarborough, some one checked for my name on the list. Oops, it not being there and notwithstanding that two security officials recognized my former official standing a twenty-something said thank you but no thank you.

Quite a difference from three and a half years ago when they were stopping people on the street to bring them into Rustic Bakery to meet then candidate Trudeau.

Later, the Tour Director had him return to Ottawa, only to fly him back the next day. The engines on the SUVs no doubt ran all night. Meanwhile, the Federal Court issued a decision on an Application by SNC Lavalin to reverse the decision by the Public Prosecutor’s Office NOT to give the company a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

Who thought it was a good idea to try that manoeuvre? Poor Trudeau’s head must have been spinning. On Sunday, over 300 members of the Sikh community gathered in the Atrium of Brampton City Hall to protest the lethargy of the 14 MPs of Sikh origin in the Government Caucus in protesting the National Security Report that slurred the community as being in the hands of Extremists.

It was part of a “Prove it or Remove it” campaign designed to have the o.ending language struct from the report. The campaign has already touched sensitive nerves across the country and beyond.

The Times of India reported on the matter in January 2019. Only one government MP, Sonia Siddhu, attended. Not one of the four Cabinet Ministers of Sikh origin deigned to attend.

Garnett Genuis, CPC MP from Saskatchewan, and Jagmeet Singh, NDP Leader, couldn’t believe their good fortune! They were roundly applauded for their presence and their interventions.

It will have been particularly galling for Navdeep Bains, MP for Brampton South- Mississauga and the point man for the area and the Community in Cabinet.

His group was roundly defeated earlier in the week in the elections to gain control over the Dixie Road Gurdwara Malton. Neither he nor any of his “activist relatives” showed up.

Many others, veterans of the public campaign in the post-Air India calamity, who had been at the forefront of safeguarding the Community’s reputation as they worked for acceptance, respect and integration did.

Trudeau’s “Tour Director” had him trying to swing a few votes somewhere else. No replacement spokesperson to salvage support slowly slipping away.

Contemporaneously, CPC Leader, Andrew Sheer launched an aggressive rebuttal to Trudeau’s “cease and desist” threat to seek redress in Court if Sheer continued his equally aggressive pursuit of allegations of corruptions on the PM’s part. Great weekend for the PM’s team! Justin Trudeau opted for personal “down time” on Monday.

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