Joe Volpe appointed
to the National Advisory Board
of the AGPI

di corriere canadese del 25 May 2022

TORONTO - The Hon. Joe Volpe, Publisher of the Corriere Canadese, has been appointed to the National Advisory Board of The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI). It is an honour that our Publisher has accepted with modesty in recognition of the impact of the Corriere and its team’s value to the Italian Diaspora and to the Canadian mainstream in which it operates.

The AGPI, is a global human rights organization born out of a desire to fight antisemitism and hatred everywhere. It was founded, and is led, by Avi Benlolo. It focuses on proactive defense of rights of all peoples and combating discriminatory practices like those that took the world into the Holocaust.

Avi Benlolo

“We emphasize the importance of building bridges, education and bringing people of diverse backgrounds together”, said Mr. Benlolo. “One need only look at the impressive list of the individuals on our Board of Governors to understand the embodiment of the culture we promote. AGPI values men and women whose background and life are examples of pro-active civic values that bind”, he added.

AGPI is hosting its first, and hopefully annual, Crystal Ball Benefit, at Casa Loma, tomorrow, May 26, to celebrate such individuals and Governors, as well as to raise funds for the foundation’s work. Incidentally, and importantly, Dan Montesano of Lido Construction together with Howard Kerbel of the Menkes Group will be title sponsors of the event and honorees.

Dan Montesano

In the short time since its inauguration, AGPI has already distinguished itself by its actions to gain credibility in such places as the United Nations, national Capitals in Canada and Israel. It has become active in the relief of conditions for refugees from the Russian-Ukraine war and more, both in Canada and Poland.

We were delighted to invite the Hon. Joe Volpe to our National Advisory Board because his background while in office and beyond, to us, exemplifies Canadian values and commitment to Human Rights, and “what the world needs today is more Canada”, said Mr. Benlolo. "We attach a brief summary of his resume’ to illustrate that he will be right at home with the impressive personalities who have likewise decided to continue the public contribution" (in the pic below: click to enlarge it).

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