It’s either about the Party or about the Leader

di Joe Volpe del April 1, 2019

TORONTO - Dear Justin: I write this letter at the insistence of your friends and supporters. Yes, you still have some, although with each passing day and with every new revelation of your management style, it is increasingly difficult for them to admit so openly.

Call it nostalgia, or perhaps a commitment to those values or economic successes that made Canada what they recall it to be in the last three quarters of a century, primarily under the Liberal banner, they trust only in you to continue to deliver the Canadian dream.

For them, you may be a continuation of that Liberal Party. Your advisors appear to be doing their best to disabuse them of that perception.

Some of your Cabinet Ministers have done their best to create the impression that they are out of touch with the public, disinterested in the issues that matter to your electors.

Now, two have emasculated the rest of their colleagues by declaring an absence of trust between you and them, and others (?). One has produced audio and written documentation suggesting that your conduct is barely hovering over the line of legality. They are still in caucus.

You are more beleaguered than ever. You and your Party are beginning to resemble the junior copy of the debacle that is unfolding in the British Parliament. There no one knows any longer who sets and controls agenda.

Not the House of Commons, not Prime Minister Theresa May. She is getting “beat up” daily, by friend and foe alike.

The English Conservative Party, accustomed as it is to cannibalism is headed towards “lunatic extremism” in the words of one of their MPs.

There is a pretext, a background, for their “motivations” such as they are: the impending exit from Europe. It will be “life changing – transformative”, for everyone. It is in times of stress that character emerges.

What is the moment of stress for Canada? The fate of SNC Lavalin? The pressures brought to bear by its major owner (by proxy) the government of Quebec?

The alleged fate of 3,200 jobs (it has more than 40,000 OUTSIDE of Canada) if the company follows through on its threat to relocate it headquarters from Montreal if it is subjected to the rule of law – like the rest of us?

Why risk the government’s reputation, your own and now the country’s, for a company whose association with graft, bribery and corruption are world-renowned, with a conviction record to back up that reputation? Yet your sta - 13 of them according to the documentation – managed to “turn silk into a sow’s ear” by making it all about you. They have lived o your personal popularity and burned all your “street cred”.

Get rid of them! Hire a crew that will address the substantive management issues and communications vacuum, today. Kathleen Wynne received the same type of advice. She ignored it.

Without going into the merits of what prompted two Cabinet Ministers and one Parliamentary Secretary to resign their posts, they can no longer be in caucus. You know what must be done, if you want to turn over a new leaf. You cannot wait for Caucus to do it for you. It will just make a bad situation worse.

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