In the midst of the pandemic, TCDSB debated uniforms and colonization 

di Joe Volpe del September 14, 2020

TORONTO - This promises to be a grand week. Our children are going back to school. Laughter, inquisitiveness, promises of new or renewed friendships fill the air. Maybe even the comfort of familiar routines associated with learning tempt our desires to take risks required to “get back to normal”.

Maybe. Provided we can come together on a common strategy to address the one new health threat that still ba es scientists and medical experts.

School Boards have closed their schools for the better part of six months, still unprepared for re-opening their doors or, God forbid, with a back-up plan if they need to shut down in short order. Their collective “twiddling of thumbs” has left many a parent or observer asking what they have been doing with their time and resources.

So, what do you think the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) “debated” last Thursday evening? You would have guessed correctly if your answer was (I) uniforms, (2) “systemic Homophobia in the TCDSB, (3) “systemic anti-black racism” in TCDSB schools and (4) the negative impacts of “colonization” ignored by its curriculum, as seen by activists in their delegations.

Principals and other mid level Administrators of our children’s future will have been pulling their hair out. By 10:00 pm, after four hours of listening to Trustee Rizzo’s unctuous drivel, obstructive points of order and nonsensical cacophony of “yes ma’am ism” from cohorts (De Domenico, Di Pasquale, Li Preti and Di Giorgio), those local administrators would have left the virtual meeting and realized they had been left to their own devices. Our poor children…

If you thought they should have been discussing and authorizing practicable pedagogical strategies, acceptable social interaction, and sta. accountability for strategies implementable within Ministry guidelines, you will have tuned in to the wrong network. None of this matters to Rizzo and her retinue.

She will face her colleagues in a meeting on the 17th when they must decide regarding what sanctions they will impose after finding her guilty of contravening conflict of interest guidelines, subsequent to a report by the Interim Conflicts Commissioner. This meeting would have presented the last opportunity to place herself on the side of the angels – so to speak.

How convenient that a local TV station which had missed covering the finding of fault against her- a month ago - suddenly became interested in another allegation of a Code of Conduct infraction by one of her colleagues (incidentally, decided in his favour that same evening). Diversionary tactic, obviously.

Her trustee colleagues in a rare display of wisdom did not accept the invitation to appear on air or on the record. Alas, there is never a shortage of “useful idiots”.

One “activist advocate” for LGBTQ2 rights dutifully bemoaned before the cameras that the TCDSB is rife with systemic homophobia and it is abandoning children who are being bullied for their “sexuality”. He has been using social media to encourage parents to send their children to the Toronto District School Board, which he deems more progressive. He teaches in the TCDSB. Why?


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