How to delegitimize a faith-based publicly sustained school system that has Constitutional guarantees

di Joe Volpe del 11 November 2020

"One cannot make this stuff up": a lesson in abuse of position, vindictive character assassination, de construction of due process, elimination of credible governance issues and disregard for legal proceedings, and a school system where parents have fewer rights than LBGQT2+ radical activists without children in the schools.
Make no mistake, those parents, like us at the Corriere Canadese, believe in tolerance and inclusivity. Those radicals believe only in themselves.
Yet tonight, in camera (private session) trustees are going to revisit a quasi judicial determination/decision because Kathleen Wynne, a former Premier (who hired a convicted producer/distributor of child pornography, who declared his incestuous relationships within his own family and counseled, online, how to get best satisfaction from those criminal behaviours, as Deputy Minister of Education), wished it so.
Why is anyone giving her the time of day? The current Minister has overstepped his jurisdiction in demanding a public release of the Board’s confidential report on a trumped-up allegation of homophobia on the part of one trustee and “the systemic homophobia” accusation by one of their teachers. Lord help us. Consider the source.
First of all, the previous Interim Integrity Commissioner, stated, in writing, that anyone wishing to reopen a decision by the Board could do so by filing for a judicial review in Divisional Court (emphasis added). The Board is not discussing paper and pencils, heating and hiring – operational issues but the quasi judicial condemnation of one trustee who holds to the unchallenged Catholic ethic at the base of the Board’s raison d’etre. It has no legal right to do so. Nor does it have the right to determine the essence of Catholicity.
What is their game? One of the parents denied the opportunity to delegate in defence of those principles has been turned down because she sought relief against the bullying of her trustee Markus De Domenico. In the summer, when she appealed to the Minister, his office responded that “he has no jurisdiction over school board issues”.
Today, another 198 school children, teachers and staff were registered as testing positive for Covid-19 and these clowns are talking about the hurt feelings of a few gadflies who hide their scorn for catholic education by finger pointing - everyone who does not agree with them is homophobic! Rubbish!
No, everyone else has a children’s agenda. What is theirs? By the way, they don’t have a right to tarnish the image of anyone who shares a different view of social organization.

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