Ford six months in - stateman or campaigner?

di Joe Volpe del December 7, 2018

TORONTO - There is a certain irony to the Premier’s decision to have the Legislature rise for the Holy Days season, earlier than anticipated.

Much as he did when he reconvened it after the election amidst much fanfare and urgency.

There are days when the public, irrespective of political stripe, is left with the impression that the province is still in election mode, and that political vendettas are still the order of the day.

The “political honeymoon” period is always the most ideal time to discharge politically unpopular issues. Governing is always tough. Administering a diverse social and economic community like Ontario is that much harder.

Especially when, as victor in the elections, the mantle of responsibility rests on your shoulders exclusively.

Someone needs to address the impact of the dismantling of the auto manufacturing sector and its related supply chain, at least as it pertains to Oshawa.

With what will our Industrial strategy replace it and the jobs lost? Will your sta. be working on that over the break?

Some initiatives seem fine on the political face but on substance, not so much. With great clamour, the Province struck hard at the Municipal infrastructure of Toronto and the GTHA.

Toronto has struck back by doubling o.ce budgets to compensate.

Other regional Chairmanships may be filled with unfriendly political personalities potentially disposed to capitalize on their own “gotcha” moment. With the Provincial Parliament on holiday, how will you enact legislation to overturn deliberate attempts to circumvent your initiatives? Under our system, no Premier can govern by fiat.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind as Prime Minister Trudeau sharpens his blades for battle on Climate Change and Carbon Pricing in advance of the upcoming federal election.

It is already being billed as the next Economic crisis/opportunity for Canada and Ontario. Where will our “troops” be? Speaking of demographic/economic issues, the federal government is fine-tuning its position on Immigration/refugee program. The Atlantic provinces and Quebec already have their oars in the water. Where’s Ontario? The list goes on.

Education, linguistic identity, service to the general public are topics that have already cost your government several ministers and MPPs. They are matters that won’t go away. So, this Christmas hiatus may serve as a moment to take a deep breath and assess strategies going forward for Ontario. A good Premier governs for all Ontarians.

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