Enter the bizarre world of Canadian Immigration. Leave partisanship to one side upon entry

di Joe Volpe del 14 November 2018

TORONTO - It doesn’t seem to matter who is at the helm, the “massaging“ of the system inevitably results in a Byzantine myriad of rules, regulations, counter-considerations, policy interventions from regional/ provincial policy considerations that inevitably “gum up” the process.

Could someone expect differently, if there is no over-arching theme or goal to what is essentially a demographic and economic/ labour market policy over which Canada has almost exclusive control? What conclusions should the public draw from the latest immigration statistics released Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Monday, November 12?

Our Editor-inchief, Francesco Veronesi, asked the obvious question when he ranked the source countries for new Canadians according to the number of Permanent Residency grants in the first eight months of 2018. Ranking 43, 45 and 48 were Italy, Poland and Portugal with totals of 810, 650 and 575 PR landed. These have been traditional and reliable sources of integrate-able new Canadians.

Economic conditions in Italy have prompted the exodus of some 850,000 young, educated and/or trades-skilled men and women in the last seven years. They have gone far afield – England, France, Germany, USA and Australia in search of an environment where they might fill a need, contribute, work and build a future for themselves and their host country.

Canada is no longer a welcoming place for their talents. They cannot speak English at the standard demanded by the purists in the Department or the language police. Or the racists who hide behind that nonsense.

Germany still opens its doors to Europeans who want to make a difference. So did England before the Brexit vote. No language requirement in either country.

Now, those Italians, an estimated 250,000 in London England alone, are running the risk of becoming “undocumented” and eligible for removal. Their Portuguese brethren face the same risk.

As the European Union slowly but surely inches towards dismemberment by right-wing nationalists a’ la Nigel Farange and Boris Johnson. The outflow of venom from their policies has already resulted in the outbreak of anti- Polish immigrant sentiment demanding their ouster from English soil.

There are approximately 1,000,000 of them in the British Isles. Canada already has an estimated 1,000,000 “undocumented workers”. Many thousands are Portuguese, Polish, Italian among others. They are working because the economy needs them – as it needs others, no matter their ethnic origin or linguistic abilities.

The current government is playing with “experiments” targeting countries which can enrich our racial diversity or our vaunted sense of international “good guy” for refugees -real and potential. No language requirement necessary.

It has even gone to the extent of providing an additional 11 million dollars for the linguistic [re]training of refugee/immigrants from Francophone countries.

Minister Hussen wants to find an expedited regularization system for the illegal border- crossers from the USA. He proposed to accept failed refugee claimants in Israeli detention camps at Canadian expense. He doesn’t have the same desire to regularize the “undocumented workers” already here in Canada.

Maybe he and his Party don’t like where they come from. Everyone else seems welcome. It would be sad if it were not for the indi .erence or acquiescence of the close to twenty MPs of Italian, Portuguese and Polish origin who wish to let their silence speak for them.

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