Covid-19: Schemes of International Politics for Power and Commerce

di Joe Volpe del 29 April 2020

TORONTO - “Cherchez la femme” is probably a most politically incorrect saying for today’s world. Voltaire, one of the French Enlightenment’s foremost thinkers would have been pilloried today for uttering his laconic advice to those confused as to the source of unexplainable events in the King’s Court. The reader can surmise easily enough Voltaire’s perception of the dynamics in the French Court and where far-reaching decisions were determined.

The expression came to mind as I pulled a special edition of the Epoch Times (ET) from my mailbox last evening. ET is an ethnic-Chinese weekly publication with origins in Taiwan and Southeast China. Its publishers produce an English language periodical for the benefit of a non-Chinese readership.

Occasionally, it contains articles of interest – minus its ideological slant. I am not a subscriber.

No need to be - ET is available gratis to anyone who takes the trouble to locate a point of distribution (there are many). My mailbox, Canada Post’s repository for flyers, is not normally one of those outlets.

This edition, exclusively dedicated to the “truth behind Covid-19”, or what it calls the Chinese Communist Party Virus (CCP-Virus), can arguably be described as a blow-by- blow recounting of heavyweight championship bout for world domination between the USA (“good guy”) and [Communist] China. The latter is not aiming to take prisoners, ET argues.

Having just read the United Kingdom’s Financial Times’ methodology justifying its claims of deliberate underestimation and under-reporting by governments – British, Canadian and American in particular - of the deaths brought on by Covid-19, ET’s story borders on the fantastical.

I thought I was reading a synopsis of George Orwell’s 1984's rendition of a futuristic “Big Brother” state where propaganda, surveillance, authoritarian politics, or perversions of truth are the order of the day. Orwell’s classic, first published in 1949, was mandatory reading in Ontario high schools. Those were simpler times, or so they seemed.

They were not. Our parents had just begun to settle into a state of “normality” following a quarter of a century of economic chaos and brutally destructive wars. The “news” regaled listeners, readers and, increasingly, viewers with stories of wicked German Nazi war criminals, their evil scientist-collaborators and their diabolical war-machine entrepreneurs working in tandem to secure Lebensraum for the Aryan nation. All in the past tense.

ET touched on all those themes and more, suggesting that Canada’s government may be naively complicit in abetting China’s grand plan to search out “living space” for its exploding population. It identified Canada and the USA as two geographical entities ideal for absorption: expansive, ideal terrain and sparsely populated.

It is all reminiscent of the research and development surrounding the debate on military developments in neutron bombs during the 1970s and early 1980s. The tactical neutron bomb is a nuclear weapon that maximizes damage to people but minimizes damage to buildings and equipment. ET argues that China opted for research and development in microbiology and of viruses a la Covid-19.

Its agents would be scientists (hello Dr. Theresa Tam) who would span the globe, infiltrate Institutions and ready the road for China’s execution of its grand plan to displace the USA as the World’s economic and military power. Deception and subterfuge are essential elements of that game, says ET.

China, of course, has not reported any significant confirmations of Covid-19, nor of any deaths since the end of January. Nor has it explained why the virulence “witnessed” in Wuhan has mysteriously skipped the other 1.4 billion Chinese.

Whether anything in ET’s special edition withstands scrutiny is immaterial. The story was delivered into our homes thanks to Canada Post’s special bulk delivery rates enjoyed by your local grocer and hand delivered by your friendly neighbour.


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