Corriere Canadese: Canada’s Largest daily, paid Community Newspaper, by far!

di Joe Volpe del May 23, 2019

TORONTO - It has been six years since the “old Corriere” collapsed. Since then, it has become the Country’s biggest Community Newspaper by paid circulation. We thank our readership, our subscribers and those who buy at single point of sale for their loyalty and for continually pressing us to achieve more.

The headline is no empty boast. News Media Canada (NMC), the leading trade association representing print and digital media in Canada (and which we have not yet joined), has a breakdown of Community Newspapers and their circulation.

Circulation is either paid or controlled. “Controlled” is another way of saying “distributed free”. Several organizations measure readership on the basis of those two distributions. The most conservative auditing firm (Circulation Verification Council in the USA) on readership uses a ratio of 1.7 readers per copy sold. Niche newspapers have a higher ratio, they argue.

Corriere is a community (niche) newspaper, acquired by those who buy it. It is also an ethnic (Italian) language paper (although our editorials and some features are also in English). What is a reliable ratio for readers to a “free” copy?

The NMC represents 1032 newspapers (titles), 92% of which publish weekly, 6% twice a week and only 2% of them three times per week. Corriere publishes daily.

According to the figures posted by NMC, those 1032 account for 3.8% of all community papers circulated per week, across the country. That equals an average of 140 sales each day, per fiveday week, or, expressed differently, 695 PAID newspapers, per title, per week.

Corriere sells an average of 15,000 per week. The most conservative, audited, estimate for readership per week is between 25,300 and 30,000 readers for its hardcopy publication.

On yearly sales of 780,000 (audited – papers in the hands of those who pay), the readership is in the 1,326,000 and 1,560,000 range. Were we to apply the ratios (1:3 or 1:4) used by some English language papers, our readership would be estimated at twice those numbers: 2,340,000 to 3,120,000.

By way of comparison, Toronto Life magazine, a monthly, uses a ratio of 1:10 to estimate its readership. They distribute 87,000 yearly and publish monthly.

To these hard copy readers, Corriere Canadese is pleased to add a growing list of consumers/ readers of our digital and social media sites. For example, Corriere Facebook site alone is accessed by more than 3100 users daily: 100,000 monthly, 1,200,000 yearly.

To those we add readers on our website, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin accounts – 2,000 per day, 60,000 per month, 720,000 readers per year. These are all “organic” numbers and easily verified by the analytics for each social media platform.

Moreover, our GoLive, online TV, commentary has totalled 182,000 views in the last seven months. The GoLive companion Facebook page has registered twice that number, putting Corriere Canadese TV past the 500,000-viewer mark for the first six months of operation. And, we are growing.

Finally, strictly on numbers, viewers on our companion programmes in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, produced and “aired” by our associates on GoLive, have exceeded 1,000,000 over the same period.

It is true that traditional Press and Media have stressful pressures. Yet, numbers like the above – all earned – suggest that the ethnic press and media will become the platforms for advertisers and legislative/regulatory agencies to reach the public.

Tomorrow, we’ll compare with other media and describe our demographic.

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