Coming together to help those who help us at HRRH

di Joe Volpe del 10 April 2020

TORONTO - It’s a stressful time. Covid-19 is straining our cultural norms, fraying our nerves and stretching the limits of our resources. Our hospitals in Ontario, geared to deliver services eciently in the most cost-effective fashion, regionally, are being called upon to discharge responsibilities and care to a segment of the population now under threat from the Novel Coronavirus. In addition to providing the health care demanded by their mandate.

Humber River Region Hospital, a relatively modern twenty first century hospital, would normally be engaged in a yearly fund-raising exercise to replenish accounts dedicated to specific programs from studies to equipment to …

This year, the scheduled annual fundraising banquet and silent auction, for obvious reasons, cannot be held.

At a time of greatest need, the Foundation that raise funds for the ongoing needs of its client community has had to turn to “donors” to contribute to strategies, materials and purposes to deal with defeating the Covid-19. Madeleine Montesano heard that call and immediately made a $10,000 contribution toward that campaign.

“It was an easy decision for me”, she commented matter-offactly.

“Earlier this year, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, I was hospitalized at HRR with severe respiratory issues related to traces of pneumonia in my system”, she said.

“Had it not been for the care, attention and concern of the doctors, nurses and frontline sta˜, I don’t know…” she trailed off.

Madeleine and her husband of forty eight years, Danny, used to live close by the original hospital for many years and its family-oriented ethic always resonated positively with her. The hospital system has changed greatly since she and Dan married and established roots in what was formerly Weston.

Through the years, our medical needs have changed but the new Humber River is still home to us, says Madeleine.

She was a young Francophone girl from Sturgeon Falls in Northern Ontario, working at St Joseph’s Hospital in Sudbury when she met a young, recently immigrated Italian carpenter working on a job site at Laurentian University.

“It’s odd how adventurous our life together has been, and now this Covid-19 is putting us all to the test. Dan and I moved to Toronto, together we started a successful carpentry business”, she reminisced, “and to think that if it were not for those men and women who went out of their way in the hospital, at great risk to themselves, who knows where we would be today”.

Regaining her composure, she added, “I would like to invite my friends and business associates – she is co-owner of Lido Construction – to match my modest contribution. I know many of them would have bought a table at the fundraiser. The fact that a banquet will not be held this year shouldn’t discourage us from doing our part to help those who help us”.

I am pleased to be the first to invite our community to pull together in this challenge.

The hospital is more than its bricks, mortar and “furniture”; we have to keep our caregivers safe if they are to keep us healthy, she maintained.

“Ultimately, we are the beneficiaries of our own contributions. I hope everyone gives to the extent they are able”. So do we at the Corriere Canadese.


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