Canadian Immigration Money Tree: Ahmed Hussen Run Amok

di Joe Volpe del 12 November 2019

TORONTO - There is something extraordinary taking place in the world. Or, more likely, in the dark denizens of the Liberal Movement that has replaced the old [venerable] Liberal Party of Canada.

When one sees the numbers coming from the Department of Refugees and Immigration Canada for the first nine months of 2019, one is immediately struck with the question, “what is motivation these numbers?”

What is the policy background sustaining the annual Immigration Plan the Minister of immigration – the famous Refugee turned Parliamentarian - has been presenting to the House of Commons? Our editor-in-chief, Francesco Veronesi was virtually bowled over by the numbers that he has begun to methodically presentto our readers today. They are all publicly available on the government website.

Our newspaper has said it many times over: immigration is an economic (money) issue; refugees are a component better described as a “moral obligation” to our collective partnerships (a “love” relationship to fellow man/woman/ personkind).

A cynical accountant friend said, “love make the world go ’round, money sends it spinning.” We have been beating a drum that says the Catholic, Christian community – by far the most suppressed and persecuted in the world as a religious group – and that Italians, Poles and Portuguese appear to be the least loved by Canadian Immigration policy.

So, there must be a “money motivation” for the decisions. Very little is coincidental in Politics, so we ask the blunt question of Ahmed Hussen. Who is making the money?

In the first nine months of 2019, Permanent Residency was granted to 57,185 people from India out of a total of 228,510 who became official residents in our country. We welcome them. If the reader is doing the calculation, that is 25% of the total – one of every four.

That number is 271% higher than the next group of immigrants, those from the Philippines and 298% higher than the third placed group, those from the Peoples’ Republic of China.

By way of contrast, the total of Italian, Polish and Portuguese allowed into the country was a mere 2,155 people – 3.768% of the Indians allowed in.

It is no secret that, according to one brave MP who spoke to a national newspaper before the election, Cabinet is controlled by Sikh extremists. We just refused to accept that the MPs who represent the 92 constituencies where there are 5,000 or more Italian Canadians have so little influence on public policy.

And to think that there are close to one million undocumented workers in the country completely ignored by the Minister. So, we ask: “To whom does Ahmed Hussen answer?”

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