A week of personalities galore

di Joe Volpe del October 26, 2018

TORONTO - Some people mature in their job. Some exhibit a sense of purpose that transcends the moment while others retain an uncanny ability to let the light shine on the foibles of their undimmed adolescence.

It’s been the kind of week where contrasts have never been so stark. Just to start on a positive note, every now and then, we at the Corriere meet and interview people of real substance - their career experiences restore faith in the human condition. Such people exude a sense of purpose and an unfl inching moral compass that guides them through the challenges of life.

It’s a compass that allows them to distinguish between compromise and hypocrisy in decision- making. The same compass that allows for the pursuit of truth to maintain decorum and the foundations of a civil society. General Antonio Cornacchia, a real-life Agent 007, whose 50 + years career (mostly under cover) as a national security agent fi ghting all aspects of organized crime, politically motivated terrorism, transborder malfeasance, international money laundering, and the corrosive impacts of political corruption, is such an individual.

He now teaches law. He’s only 87, and, does not look a day over 60. His fascinating life experiences are captured, in part, in his books “Airone 1 Scena di un’epoca” e “Airone 1 Retroscena di un’epoca”. What a stark contrast with our home gown “crime fi ghters”, Norman Inkster and Julian Fantino.

They made an easy transition from chief drug enforcement agents to chief “drug dealers”. One wonders what they did to “take care of themselves” when Marijuana was not legal. I don’t want to be petty. That podium is already crowded by “erstwhile philanthropists”, Giorgio Mammoliti and the people who are advising Doug Ford.

They will not let the Premier leave the partisan battlefi eld to take up the mantle of “statesmanship”. “Time may heal all wounds but it doesn’t necessarily wound all heels”. Former Chair of the York Region District School Board, Ann De Bartolo, somehow escaped the voters’ wrath.

Must be something in the water; only 27% of the eligible voters turned out in Vaughan. They should read Gen. Cornacchia’s books. Catholic voters in Toronto should read anything. They managed to lose two fi ne Trustees – Ann Andrachuk and Sal Piccininni – while keeping some undeserving egotists.

Some of the new Trustees will have their work cut out for them. To end on a positive note, the most successful political personality of the week must be Councillor Ana Bailao. She received an incredible 26,219 votes – without the benefi t of a Party machinery, Leader endorsement or Provincial/Federal campaign.

On top of that, her percentage of the popular vote was an astounding 83%. Our bet is that Mayor Tory will reconfi rm her status as Deputy Mayor.

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