“A sin” to be Catholic in politics

di Joe Volpe del 17 December 2019

TORONTO - It’s a truism in politics because it reflects the everyday social behaviour of men and women (“peoplekind” – to coin a phrase) no matter their station in life: the enemies are to be found from within, everyone else is simply an adversary.

The worst type of “enemies” wrap themselves in a “single issue” or accuse others of being proponents of a “single issue”, one that is irksome, a nuisance to the Establishment’s superior view of the management of life’s challenges – one whose “complexity” is beyond the understanding of mere mortals.

Those who have achieved greater "heights of evolution” think it is best to invalidate such issues as nuisances not worthy of serious thought and consideration or to contemplate weighing their integration into “mainstream thinking”.

This is one explanation for the negative attention that former Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, continues to receive for NOT winning the last federal election. He was “too Catholic”, a cult viewed by Human Rights advocates as the “enemy” of their interpretation of human rights. Some wags have gone so far as to dub these advocates as the “alphabet brigade”, presumably because they discover a new person who was left out of any previous designation.

Andrew Scheer’s enemies in the “movement” are sparing no malice in their vicious pursuit torqued, or outright invented reasons, in order to tear him down. Apparently, he is out of touch with the alphabet brigade or because he hasn’t yet marched in a pride parade.

Most significantly, he was unable or unwilling to answer a “smart ass” question regarding whether “same sex unions are a sin” (by the way, same sex unions, were dealt with in federal legislation fifteen years ago, subsequent to a Supreme Court decision).

Now, all pretenders to his recently vacated throne are committed to explaining that not only do they “not think it a sin” but, to remove all doubt, they are not even Catholic.

Goodbye any potential Catholic candidates. Or candidates of any religious a•liation that does not immediately renounce and recant any religious/moral views that may be uncomfortable for the resident “secularists”. My Catholic, Orthodox Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Buddhist friends will also have to look elsewhere for that “broad tent”. This somehow passes for inclusive political thinking.

Mind you, public/religious organizations are not without their own internal di•culties. The Toronto Catholic District School Board is tearing itself to pieces thanks to the unbridled ambition of a secularist, former Chair, Maria Rizzo, who appears to want to emerge as the ultimate arbiter of what is a good Catholic.

Her latest target is her former ally, former Vice-Chair Mike Del Grande. Taking advantage of some anti-Catholic English-language media and press, she and her allies are heaping scorn and vilification on his views about the words to be used in the Board’s Code of Conduct.

The underlying issue is to gain the approval of the Minister of Education. The interest of the children and society do not rank very high in that goal. Too bad several newly elected Trustees are more than ready to advance themselves as sages of Catholic practices and social behaviour as they turn themselves into willing tools for her views.

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