A Donation Motivated by Love: We’re all in this Together

di Joe Volpe del April 21, 2020

TORONTO - Maybe it is a little shmaltzy, but my wife has been my “soul and inspiration” since before we married in 1972. That’s the reason Dan Montesano gave for his decision to match his wife’s contribution of $10,000 to the Humber Region Hospital Foundation’s fundraising drive.

“When Madeleine decided to contribute to the Hospital’s campaign to provide for ongoing needs for its health care providers, I had to follow her example. Those front-line health workers, regardless of their rank and their service, were essential to Madeleine’s recovery in January. Today they are putting themselves at greater risk in this Covid-19 emergency”, he said, barely hiding his emotions.

Dan started a mini-campaign to encourage his business and supply chain partners to do their part in providing much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hospital staff and to augment the numbers of ventilators available to the intensive care units in the event of a surge in confirmed cases of Covid-19.

“I realize that none of us can insist that any contribution we make necessarily be directed to our personal preference and intention”, he acknowledged, “but we let the hospital Foundation know that is what motivates us this year.” A Board exists to prioritize the Hospital’s needs, and we understand. “This is a time for people like me to show appreciation to those who might normally go unnoticed”, said Dan.

“In my – our – small way, the contribution is a way of saying thanks to those who took care of my wife when she was most in need; she is everything I have”, he added, taking a deep breath.

The Montesano couple, who have been married since 1972, will celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary later this year. Together, they built a mid-sized carpentry business that has served them and their employees well over the years. “Lido Construction has employed as many as 100 men and women in any given year. This contribution is also, in part, a way of thanking them for their loyalty to us and to the company. We have as diverse a complement of carpenters and apprentices as anyone in the business - if not more; Madeleine will agree that I should mention them in this gift”, he added proudly.

Humber Region Hospital is an ultra modern facility. Formerly operating out of three locations (Church St. in Weston, Finch and Highway 400 and the Northwestern site at Keele Street north of Eglinton. The amalgamated hospital opened its doors on Wilson Ave., and Keele Street in 2015.

Part of Humber’s mission is to be innovative. In fact, in 2017, the hospital opened its "Command Centre" that includes a Wall of Analytics to improve efficiency throughout the hospital and to improve wait times and other issues. The Hospital is North America’s first fully digital hospital.

Dan and Madeleine invite friends and associates to visit hrhfoundation.ca/covid19 If they are contemplating a donation to Humber’s Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund. A donation similar to each of theirs would su¨ce to acquire a one ventilator, as an example.

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