A concrete commitment against Covid-19 in Italy

di Joe Volpe del 9 April 2020

TORONTO - A concrete commitment to the Italian Red Cross and Civil Protection against the pandemic in Italy. This is the gol of the initiative “Covid-19.AiutiAMOl’Italia!”, a fundraising campaign launched by the Embassy of Italy, together with the Canadian Red Cross. The funds raised will go directly to the Italian Red Cross, to support it and the Italian Civil Protection in their e­ orts to fi ght Covid-19. Ambassador Claudio Ta­ffuri himself explained the initiative to the Corriere Canadese.

“I felt a personal need to reach out to the impressive Italian Community in Canada in a moment of great individual and national crisis both our countries are experiencing. Together with other colleagues at the Consular level throughout Canada, we wanted to set up an infrastructure, a mechanism, for Italians in Canada to express their solidarity with their Italian brethren in need”, Taffuri said.

“My letter to them is intended only to stimulate their response with the usual generosity that attaches to their character. This crisis is unlike other “natural” calamities that periodically challenge our resolve. There are no floods, no earthquakes no fi res to destroy physical infrastructures. This virus is challenging a different infrastructure”.

“It is a health infrastructure – the potential to address and meet a “medical” urgency that not even Italy’s vaunted Health system (ranked second in the world) can meet alone”.

“Italy has always been ever ready to assist countries and peoples in need. Now some of those people have extended similar consideration to us. Today, for example, an airplane laden with medical and PPE supplies has arrived from Ucraine to make up an unexpected shortfall. Last week we had a contingent of doctors and medical services providers from Albania who volunteered their services to fill the need. Our own retired doctors and nurses have “returned to work in the thousands” to relieve the stresses of our valiant men and women on “the frontlines”.

“Canadians have their own challenges, and I pray that this wonderful country will not see the ravages of Covid-19 being experienced by Italy”.

“Our initiative aims to provide Italian Canadians and others with an opportunity to make a donation – no sum is too small – to the Red Cross, for transfer to its Italian counterpart. The administrative costs are reduced to about 5% and the funds go immediately to where the Red Cross sees the most urgent need on site”.

“Hence, my letter inviting Italian Canadians to demonstrate their usual generosity”.

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