Cardinal Collins is too kind to Trustees of the TCDSB

di Joe Volpe del November 19, 2020

Kudos to Cardinal Collins for his statements reminding “the faithful” of some of pillars of their Catholicism. In an environment where some utilize identity and human rights in “sexual terminology”, he discusses cogently sexual ethics in the context of purpose in life and in the human condition. No condemnations, no vilifications.
It is not often that prelates come forward openly to defend, explain, or promote the ideological, religious foundations of those tenets that define their Church and the beliefs that piece the communion of believers together. They have other “missionaries” and teachers to do that.
His role is to ensure that those emissaries – School Boards, their trustees, and teachers – among them adhere to those tenets. Hence his reprimand that trustees need to inform themselves as to their obligations in the context of that mission.
Ignorance has never been a viable defense; nor has it been acceptable to distort that “mission” by “cherry-picking” what is personally satisfying at the expense of what is obligatory for all as a condition of participation in the communion.
For example, all trustees swore an oath to uphold the Church’s teachings. The legitimacy of the Church as educator, in Constitutional and Education Law, is premised on their overt expression.
Individuals who do not feel comfortable with those teachings have other options. If they do not exercise them, they are ethically and legally obliged to obey and uphold them publicly. What they do behind closed doors “may be their business”, but they have no right to bring that business into “the Board’s marketplace”- its clientele of children and parents.
Shame, then, on the trustees (the cabal of Di Pasquale, De Domenico, Li Preti and Rizzo) who at the November 11 meeting tried to shout down parents who wanted to refer to the Catechism in their delegation to the Board. They were probably acting out of fear that the delegates might shed some sanity on their cabal’s determination to exact a political assignation on one of their trustee colleagues – rules and laws be damned.
For that, double shame. Cardinal Collins’ pastoral duties probably demanded that he be kind and forgiving. The egregious behaviour in defiance of their sworn obligations by that rag-tag cabal demands nothing less than resignation from the office they sully daily. They are an existential menace/threat to Catholic education in Ontario.
Ontario has a system of education with one macro curriculum and two public systems for delivering that asset. Each has its own culture. Each recognized in Law. Neither to encroach on the ethos of the parents served by the other. Trustees have a duty to learn about that or leave voluntarily.
Ed. note: at time of going to print, trustee Di Pasquale had apparently indicated he would present an apology directed to the delegation. If so, it’s the wrong target: he ridiculed the entire Catholic community and its adherence to the Church.

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