Millionaire class action
against the government:
"There has never been a pandemic,
now compensate us"

di corriere canadese del 9 June 2022

TORONTO - "There is no, and there has not been, a 'Covid-19 pandemic'  beyond and/or exceeding the consequences of the fall-out of the pre-Covid annual flu". It is one of the considerations contained in the Statement of Claim (SoC) filed in Federal Court on May 30, by 600 plaintiffs who ask, each, $ 650,000 (for a total of nearly $ 400 million) in "damages from anti-Covid measures ". The defendants are the federal government of Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau, the Ministries Freeland, Alghabra, Mendicino, the medical director Theresa Tam and other members of the federal government.

Plaintiffs are employees and former employees of various agencies and ministries of the government of Canada, federal corporations of the Crown, or federally regulated sectors. And, through their Solicitor, the Rocco Galati Law Firm Professional Corporation, they seek relief and damages and costs. According to the plaintiffs, in fact, "since early 2020, to the present, being three (3) flu seasons, the purported deaths resulting from complications of the Covid-19 have not been any marginally higher than the annual deaths from complications of the annual influenza. The fact, and data is, that the Covid-19 measures caused, to a factor of a minumum of five (5) to one (1), more deaths than the actual purpoted Covid-19 has caused (...) given the admittedly high death / injury rates of a result of the Covid-19 vaccines (...)".

And speaking of vaccines, the SoC also claims that "the Covid-19 'vaccines' are not 'vaccines'. They have not gone throught the required protocols nor trials. Their human trials are to end in 2023. They are 'emergency use' 'medical experimentation' as medically and historically understood. Therefore, at this moment, they are admittedly 'medical experimentation'. Medical experimentation without voluntary, informed, consent, is a Crime Agains Humanity born out of the Nuramberg Code, following the Nazi experimentation under the Nazi regime". For this reason, the SoC argues, among other accusations, that a series of human rights violations have also been carried out by the government of Canada, as well as - by the defendants - misfeasance of Public Office and various violations of Constitutional Rights.

In recent days, a spokeswoman for the Court stated that all the defendants have been notified in writing and have thirty days to respond to the complaint. Meanwhile, in future editions the Corriere Canadese - it has a copy of the Statement of Claim - will publish other details on the issue.

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