Class action against the federal government for Covid measures

di corriere canadese del 6 June 2022

TORONTO - According to Court documents registered in Federal Court, May 30, 2022, and obtained by the Corriere Canadese, the controversies related to and emerging from the federal government’s handling of Covid-19 issues have moved from “street talk” to “legal accountability”.

It will cost the taxpayer a substantial amount because the Defendants are the Government of Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau, Ministers Freeland, Alghabra, Mendicino, three Deputy Ministers and Chief Medical Officer Theresa Tam, according to the Statement of Claim (SoC) obtained by the Corriere Canadese.

The SoC claims an amount of $650,000 due to each plaintiff from each Defendant plus additional loss in benefits, wages and positions lost. There are approximately 600 Plaintiffs, making the upfront dollar value of the Claim close to $400,000,000.00.

The Plaintiffs are current and former employees of various agencies and Ministries of the Government of Canada, federal Crown Corporations or federally regulated sectors.

Through their Solicitor, the Rocco Galati Law Firm Professional Corporation, they seek relief and damages and costs. The SoC argues, among other causes, breaches Charter Rights by the Defendants, misfeasance of Public Office, questionable/unproven science to support Covid-19 measures and various Violation of Constitutional Rights.

A spokeperson for the Court indicated that the defendants have thirty days to respond.

In the subsequent editions of the Corriere, we will publish greater details on the issue.

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